(1) for god’s sake, write

Or should that be “write, for God’s sake.” And should God be capitalized? Will someone be offended if it is not? Am I too ridiculous, trying to write on this blog…again. Am I just doing it because “everyone is doing it?”

For now, my goal is to simply write. Not gain followers, not become famous, not compete with anyone, certainly not to impress anyone. Just to write. Yes, some of those other less attractive motives are also lurking here, in my unwieldly heart. I am attempting to deny them satisfaction or disappointment by keeping this endeavor a somewhat-private one for now.

i would write, but i have nothing to say.

Intriguing then that you talk so much, my dear. What did you see today?

Bubbles in this Portuguese wine catch that evening sunlight. So do the dirty streaks on the window glass, just in case the to-do list was shrinking too much. Zack outside moving the sprinkler, intent that every blade and leaf is thoroughly watered. I pulled weeds, many of them, returning the flower beds to a rather pristine state. The fuschia-colored peony did not reply when I commented on her foliage and the soil.


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