(4) delight


I’ve been thinking a lot about delight ever since a friend posted the question on Facebook: where have you encountered delight today? In the moment, I couldn’t think of anything, not a single glimpse of delight in that day.

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout. Surely I’m just missing the moments. Maybe I’m too caught up in my thoughts, many worries, long to-do lists, anxious conversations, and all of this is distracting from the moments of joy. Or am I just not taking time to indulge my soul?

But I captured a soul moment yesterday and met delight in the process of creating and enjoying beautiful food. The joyful wonder of slicing up plump tomatoes, the lemony finger-smell of thyme, tarragon, turnip greens chopped, the spicy fragrance of garlic in oil, all tossed together, beautiful and nourishing.


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