(32) seeing people


“Jesus looked at him and loved him.

When we ask to see through Jesus’ eyes, feel with his heart, what are we really asking for?

It might make you crazy broken inside, even just a little glimpse.

That moment recorded in Mark’s gospel (Mk 10:21) is this precious exchange between Jesus and this young guy who asks what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus gets around to answering his question, but not without first looking at him and loving him.

Do I take the time to really look at another person? What about the rushing cashier at the grocery store? The co-worker with whom I simply don’t find much common ground? The family member(s) who hold tightly to views and opinions so different from mine?

Do I take a moment to not just look to evaluate, label or judge, but rather to love?

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. (H. D. Thoreau)

Reading this article yesterday, I think I had a tiny glimpse of Jesus’ heart, that love that stops and sees. Statistics feel different when they are made incarnate in people, real hoping, bleeding, breathing, fighting to survive, people just like me. And for a tiny transient second, the tears felt as real as if I was grieving my own husband, my own child. And then reading this post and comment, my heart aches again, any argument over position and issue and sin fading in the raw honesty of real people in the messiness of living and loving.

This would change so much, if I learned to look at people and love them, setting all issues aside.


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