(79) encouragement {5 minute friday}

What jumps out at me is the word “courage” hiding in the middle of the word “encouragement.” Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? I need courage. We all need it. Somehow encouraging is a way of giving courage.

You wouldn’t know that courage was something that could be shared or given or received. But I guess I’ve experienced that even today, in the texting interchange with a sister who sent me goofy pictures of cheerleaders and fireworks and ridiculous quantities of emoticons to accompany me on my journey through the last work day of my week. Mostly I hadn’t thought I could make it to my goal for the week. But she thought I could do it, even though I figured she should know better (“if she only knew what I know, she wouldn’t be so positive…”).

I guess that’s the main thing about courage. Maybe it’s related to faith in that it’s counting on stuff you can’t see. And with encouragement, it seems like you’re counting on the unseen stuff on someone else’s behalf, laughing and crying out over the noise of all the “I can’ts” and “it won’t work’s” and “that would nevers” to be courageous when they aren’t quite there yet.
Five Minute Friday

Written in conjunction with Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five Minute Friday” prompt, a 5-minute unedited, unfiltered response to a one-word prompt (although I must confess I wrote the last 9 words after my 5 minutes were already up!).


2 thoughts on “(79) encouragement {5 minute friday}

  1. I love that realization that the word “courage” in in “encourage”. I confess that I never paid attention and now I feel a wee bit foolish. Wow! To share courage with others? Amazing!

    Stopping by from Five Minute Friday

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