(80) visit {five minute friday}

How many people have we had over for dinner in the past few weeks, couple months? It’s a lot and I’m really beginning to love this. It’s my sister who is teaching me how. I’m not sure where she learned it, but as it turns out we both have the desire within us I guess, to feed people, to invite them into the small space we have to offer, to talk and laugh and pray. I guess it seems like a good way to be human together. To know each other better.

I’m learning that hospitality is about offering and loving with what we have, with no worries about mismatched dishes, or using small forks because we run out of large ones, or our small house and tinier kitchen. No one seems to mind. Everyone always says what a nice time they’ve had and thank you so much for inviting us over. It doesn’t even seem to matter what food is served. I guess as people we just want to be together and when we’re offered an opportunity to be loved, to love, the external trappings of the event don’t matter as much.

I’m thankful for this. It is good for my heart, to be humbled like a child into giving from what I have and experiencing the delight when somehow that small gift spreads and returns joy to others.


4 thoughts on “(80) visit {five minute friday}

  1. This is something I’m trying to learn myself. Watching others provide warm hospitality not only blesses me but inspires me to try my hand at it too. I just experienced the most remarkable hospitality which I wrote about in my FMF offering. Have you heard of the book, Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist? From what I’ve heard and read it’s quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing your heart here. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. I love this! When I wrote my on “visit,” it was a story of not visiting but knowing I should, so your words are extremely encouraging. I should just do it! I have mismatched dishes so I guess I’m ready!

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