for mom

We will all shout for joy when you are victorious

we will lift up our banners in the name of our God

There must be some things

that the heart understands

when the mind does not

well of course we know that

I think that is why I cried when I saw you

over the phone tonight

and all the

(is memorabilia the right word?)

the precious things

the mile posts

the rewards

the symbols of struggle

the art produced through it all

it may be you would never have produced such


had it not been for the darkness





which seems horrid

and some people would look at that and ask…

does God really exist then?

surely God would not allow suffering like this 

but you have looked at it


or sometimes shaking

between fingers-covering-eyes

but looked at it all the same

all the time

every time

and asked instead

where’s Jesus in this story?

because you know

Jesus is always right there

in the story

with us

with us.

and that’s what I’m learning

from your story

to look for Jesus

every where



and even though I don’t know many details

that’s why my heart cries

when I see the


which is, to borrow dad’s word,


in the truest sense of that word.

Glorious because it points my heart

straight back to

the real Glory


seriously people

have you seen what God can do?


well-deserved congratulations

on anniversaries

on victories

and on beginnings

and may God grant you





to tell this story of His victory

your victory

and even a little bit our victory.

(and now I think there’s a favorite song your granddaughter would like to sing for you…)


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