It’s a longstanding joke in my family, one that I thought might possibly someday be forgotten. I no longer believe that will be possible, so now it will be recorded on the Internet as well, to be remembered.

We visited a rock and mineral museum many years ago as a school field trip. Our tour guide kindly asked our names and my sisters introduced themselves, “I’m Grace,” “I’m Susanna,” “I’m Gabrielle.” My turn came and I followed suit. “I’m Anna.”

“Imanna!” The tour guide beamed. “What a beautiful name!” Embarrassed, I didn’t correct her as my sisters giggled. Imanna, what a beautiful name. Ha!

Since then, I rarely, perhaps never, introduce myself as “I’m Anna.” Instead, I say, very clearly, “My name is Anna. And it has never been a problem since.

I started this blog in 2009 as I launched into a wonderful, terrible, life-breaking, life-shaping year working with a church in Peru. I was not particularly good at keeping up with the blog. In fact, I have started many blogs in my life, many journals, many scraps of paper, and I have not kept up with any of them that well.

This story is appropriate because this time, this will work, and it will be about who I am. Where I am. Who I am becoming. Who I am now. And because, at a very simple, visceral, longing level, I need to write.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. dear anna shimer hello,ole please update us on your missions in lima peru . my husbend and 2 stepchilden are from peru. we are very inrested to here about your missions

  2. Hello, thanks for your interest. Sorry I have really been horrible in updating my blog, but today I’ve uploaded several past update letters I’d sent via email. Hopefully that will give you an idea of what has been going on.

  3. Nice to meet you Anna. I enjoyed your about page and love the concept of your blog. I can relate to the many unfinished blogs, journals, scraps of paper- simply need to write.

    • Thanks for pausing here a moment. Writing here this year has been an unanticipated blessing, gathering the scraps somewhat. I’m happy to meet you as well!

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